studio spring cleaning

My studio spring cleaning took place in two phases: computer-related and collateral-related.

During the first phase my tasks included migrating my e-mail and calendar management to Google, freeing up memory by deleting unnecessary files and backing up the remaining files.

During the second phase I wrangled my tangible Thumbprint-related material into a main location.
I settled on carving out studio space in my living room instead of the study because my husband and I need separate areas when we're both working.

We happened to be in the market for an organization system to hold my son's toys so we decided to look for one that would work for me as well. Since I have a low inventory holding cost, I didn't need much space.

The top half of this Ikea shelf system holds most of my work material. The rest is display related and infrequently used.

I have also taken to using Nicholas' junior-sized table. It's a great space for assembly and other projects. I make sure to give the surface a thorough cleaning beforehand.

Though I may have added an unintended layer to the concept of live/work space, the result is a necessary mix of increased efficiency and decreased insanity!

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