creating a media kit | a look inside the process

This year I am focused on building my brand. This effort includes spreading the word about Thumbprint Trading Cards in as many high-impact outlets as possible, including blogs, on-line social networking sites and print media. It became clear that what I needed above and beyond my website, studio blog and product samples was a media kit.

I had heard about media kits and have read a few in the past but when it came down to creating one I didn't know where to start. What is a media kit? What should it communicate? What do I want it to say about me and my brand?

A media kit is a set of pre-packaged promotional materials. It is an organized and succinct way to communicate information about your business to the media. After reading Ingredients of a Press Kit and reviewing media kits from some of my favorite companies, including lululemon athletica, I got a better sense of how I would approach this project.

In addition to discussing the 5 W's (and one H), I wanted to make specific reference to the company's niche market, business culture and client demographic. I drafted an outline for my media kit and then reviewed all the copy I've ever written for Thumbprint from the current website to the draft document used to create my first flyer. I was able to piece together about 75% of the media kit from this material.

Aside from my business cards, this was my first marketing tool. It was also pre-website.

The most challenging section for me to write was the description of Thumbprint Trading Card's culture.

"During the design process we discover our clients' personalities, lifestyles, aspirations and ideals. This Client Filter guides our designs, business decisions, vendor relations, studio policies and future growth."

Thumbprint is not trying to be all things to all people. We are simply trying to reach out to our niche market and make sure they feel proud to trade our cards. To that end, I listen to what is important to my clients and make it important to the company.

My media kit
has two components: electronic files and product samples.

The electronic files include:
  • Information about company history, design services and products, Thumbprint culture, Principal biography, client reviews and press, quick facts and stats. This can be downloaded from the blog.
  • Images of media clips - links to press are in the blog while images are part of the mailed media kit package
  • Product Photos - high resolution images are saved in a public Picasa album that is accessible through the blog while compressed, web-ready images are part of the mailer package
The files for the mailer media kit are saved on a thumb drive. Not only is it an easy and reusable way to save and share files but it's also a bit clever - thumbprint : thumb drive.

The product samples include:

I packaged all of this material using my retail packaging, which is easy to customize.

I'm really happy with the final product. I hope it yields more press and, therefore, more orders!

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