what a great idea!

Just how many creative ways can you use Thumbprint Trading Cards? The readers of Design {for} Baby generated 25 ideas. Thank you!
  1. kids invitations
  2. Valentine's Day cards
  3. birth announcements
  4. wedding announcements
  5. seasonal/holiday cards
  6. bbq/picnic invitations
  7. thank you cards
  8. blog cards
  9. love notes | for the grown ups
  10. business cards
  11. calling cards | address and phone number only
  12. photo inserts in wedding thank you card
  13. "meeting cards" | scouts, church groups, etc.
  14. pool parties
  15. neighborhood cookouts
  16. color coded for different ages and genders
  17. allergy notification cards
  18. information cards for babysitter
  19. "we've moved" or new address card
  20. party favor gift tags
  21. save the date cards
  22. back to school cards
  23. mini-stationary note cards
  24. gender neutral designs
  25. Victorian designs
This list sparked a few ideas of my own ideas:
  1. pet adoption annoucements
  2. new address cards that are mailing labels
  3. block party cards
  4. pregnancy announcement cards
  5. playdate availability | days and time available for playdates
  6. gift wish list for birthday or holidays | clothing and shoe sizes, favorite colors, etc.
  7. note cards from the Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny, etc.
  8. gold star cards | for words of praise or encouragement
  9. goal cards | dot around the house, office and in your bag to keep you focused on your goal
  10. reward cards or coupons

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