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I'm a sucker for product packaging.

I don't remember when I developed a love for merchandise presentations but it is a meaningful part of my professional career {outside of my Thumbprint world} and my personal consumer behavior.

The recessionista in me thinks long and hard about purchasing non-essential items but when the time came to buy an athletic jump rope, I spent twice as much money as I needed to. Why? I loved the quality of the item and the re-usable and inspirational shopping bag that came with the purchase.

{I love that little bag!} This is the power of good product packaging at work.

The environmentalist in me considers wasteful packaging when I make electronics purchases. Nothing irks me more than having to open a big, plastic bubble that is hermetically sealed and nearly impossible to open without a blade just to get to something the size of your thumb. I avoid purchasing things that are packaged like this.

{Ugh!} This is the power of bad product packaging at work.

When I was determining my own packaging for Thumbprint Trading Cards I had several considerations in mind:
  1. Showcase the product and brand
  2. Protect the product from physical damage {such as being crushed, creased or wet}
  3. Use recyclable and/or recycled materials as much as possible
Product Packaging
As I mentioned in a previous post, I put a lot of thought, time and design into this packaging. In thinking about the growth of my little design studio I wanted to ensure my packaging was appropriate for a retail display {either hanging from a peg or nestled in a small fixture}.

I hadn't realized just how versatile the packaging would end up being. I now use this template to package note and appointment cards, media kit samples and felt card holders.

For larger orders of Thumbprint Trading Cards, I package cards in a recycled 2" x 2" x 2" box only after I have audited and approved the order. Then the boxes are sealed with an approval sticker and prepared for shipping.

Shipment Packaging
Depending on what reusable shipping materials I have on hand and the size of the item I am shipping, the packaging changes. However there are several things that are constant.
  1. The product itself is protected with a layer of recyclable tissue paper or reused packaging materials such as unmarked cardstock inserts I have saved from personal packages
  2. The exterior of reused packages are unmarked by prior shipment details
  3. I include business cards and a brief thank you note or thank you sticker
Has all this talk got you thinking about lovely packages? Check out one of my favorite blogs. Luckily my inner-recessionista has pretty good self-control.

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