a noteworthy idea for noteworthy ideas

In mid-March I was determined to log my ideas, creative inspirations and hopes for Thumbprint. This isn't about reinforcing big ideas. Those I can remember on my own. The documentation is meant to help me remember ideas that might fall to the wayside now but might eventually become a good idea with additional time and thought.

I take my notes electronically, which includes sending myself text messages. This is a good method for me so I was thrilled to learn about Evernote.com which will take this method from good to great.

Evernote allows you to capture what you want to remember using your computer, the web or your phone. Your information is run through their recognition technology, it syncs up the info from all the devices you use then lets you notate and organize your stuff. You can find things using their search and filter functions.

With Memorial Day around the corner to kick-off the summer season I'm sure I'll be out and about and making great use out of their mobile device platform. Snap. Tap. Send.

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